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As a kid, any excuse to step out of the house would suffice for me. Imagine my glee with just that much and imagine my frenzy when we would go on vacations. My classmates would mark their calendars with humongous crosses on months where they wouldn’t get pocket money. Or days for exams. And I? Months where there have been no vacations. I give full credit to my parents for passing on this travel bug to me and even encouraging me to travel solo in my twenties. To me, travel is not about check-ins and photo ops but exploring more about the city and off-city life. More than what meets the eye. And my sole motto of travelling is the food! After a point, rivers and beaches and hills may seem repetitive but food never will! Having married a man with a more adventurous streak ensured that our travels were never compromised. Even when our kids arrived. It’s not easy travelling with infants or toddlers, immediately your beachwear, pub wear, loungewear, etc take a hit and are replaced by baby goodies.

However, as they start eating more and more solid foods, we noticed that our travels were marked by the kids getting an upset tummy. The more recurrent it got, the more I stopped to notice there was something I probably wasn’t doing. When I read up about this and spoke to a GP, I was told that I’m not giving my kids’ tummies an opportunity to get accustomed to new places. Season change, new food & water, altered feeding times, different time zones, they all manifested in the most nightmarish way on vacation- diarrhoea! And I didn’t even know that this made my kids’ gut flora go for a complete toss! I never thought season change would be a contributor. But well, here we are. Then, my GP recommended Enterogermina for my child to tackle diarrhoea, and that effectively helped in restoring the gut flora! Taking precautions before we travel for us means working on our fitness a bit, getting vaccines if any brush up a skill like swimming or something of the sort. Another became ensuring a daily dose of Enterogermina, to keep the kids’ gut healthy. When on vacation, being mindful of a few things helped the kids fall ill less often. My GP and peers helped me with this and I’m happy I can do the same with all of you!

I tried really hard to make that sound like a presidential slogan and I think I’m somewhere there!

It was only after a minor health scare that I started my journey to fitness. Understanding how the various components of food are broken down, and the right sources of each. Carbs, gluten, transfat, saturated fat, good fat are just a few. As age caught on, so did the realisation that I need my daily dose of calcium from as natural a source as possible. Thus began my relationship with milk. I was not allergic to any food item, so my diet was a no holds barred one. And by the time my first born was about 5, we discovered he was lactose intolerant.

While I had heard of it vaguely, I never delved into its depths. Mainly because I never had to. Not that my son loved milk to begin with, but now I couldn’t even force him to have that or milk products. And I was very aware that he’s missing out on the all-important quota of probiotics. Which is when I started reading up and talking to nutritionists and doctors about the various other sources of probiotics and can I say I was mind blown! I was also embarrassed at how little I knew! Milk always equalled to calcium and curd equalled to probiotic. In fact, curd was a mandate along with any antibiotic course when I was growing up. Replenish the bacteria that antibiotics are killing with probiotics. As a kid I didn’t know what it meant, but my mom’s reasoning stayed on. Now, unearthing this entire universe of lactose-free probiotic food got even my mom pleasantly surprised! Even as an adult, you don’t need to let your lactose intolerance limit you.