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Stomach Disturbance : Causes and Prevention

For those who have poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, intestinal irregularity commonly presents itself in several ways- poor digestion, stomach disturbance, swelling, meteorism (swollen abdomen), constipation alternating with diarrhoea, mood changes, sleep disorders, candidiasis, exhaustion, flatulence and belching.

That’s a lot! However, the main symptom of irregularity is constipation- as in two or less loo visits in a week, difficulty in passing stools and presence of hard stools.Constipation is one of the most common stomach disturbances that people suffer from.

Intestinal irregularity can have many causes, one of these is the alteration of intestinal bacterial flora Normally the intestine returns to work regularly on its own but in some cases, for various factors, the intestine struggles to regain its rhythm. Medication, a low-fiber diet, reduced caloric intake and a sedentary lifestyle are common causes of this.

Stomach Disturbance Causes

Dysbiosis: Where the intestinal bacterial flora is altered heavily because of antibiotics, diseases, sedentary lifestyles, stress and incorrect eating habits.

Binging:Did you know that binging can cause stomach disturbance? Irregular meals, too much or too little, carbonated drinks, lack of fruits and vegetables, excessive sugars and fats affects the health of intestinal flora.

Stomach Disturbance Prevention:

Diet: Fibrous fruit and vegetables, dals and whole grains, and two liters of water a day are recommended. Regularity in meals is also important to keep stomach disturbance at bay.

Active lifestyle:literal movement helps the bowel movement. Any form of routine physical activity, even 20 minutes of walking once or twice a day does wonders for the intestine.

Enough Sleep require keeping away Stomach Disturbance