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In a nutshell, probiotics are friendly bacteria, while prebiotics are food for these bacteria.

Probiotics: These are live bacteria found in certain foods. They help in maintaining the balance of your gut flora, which aids largely in keeping your immunity intact.

Growth of the microbiota.
Energy and renewal of mucosa cells.
Strengthen the intestinal barrier.

Enterogermina is the world’s number 1 probiotic.

Prebiotics: These are essentially non-digestive food ingredients that good bacteria in our gut can feed off.

Rebalance the microbiota.
Constrain the adhesion and growth of pathogens.
Strengthen the immune system.

Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections. While they kill harmful bacteria which is necessary, they also end up killing some good ones. This can go on to cause stomach problems, most commonly diarrhoea.

Probiotics, in the literal sense, are the opposite of antibiotics. While antibiotics kill bacteria, probiotics are bacteria. This is the bacteria that keeps us healthy. They can stimulate the immune system, in turn bettering our ability to defend against any unwanted visitors.

This is a myth. While antibiotics kill the harmful bacteria they have been prescribed for, they also end up killing some good bacteria. It is in fact recommended to take probiotics when on antibiotics as they help restore the balance of good gut flora. Keeping your gut flora in good health plays a role in strengthening your immune system, among other benefits.