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Know about Stomach Disorders

It’s a regular complaint to moms, stomach disorders are a very common occurrence in kids. An abdominal pain means a pain that is in the abdomen, from below the diaphragm and the stomach up to the pelvic area.

Largely, stomach disorders temporary, decreases within a few hours or controlled with dietary and behavioral measures. When there are severe, disabling cramps, it’s ideal to consult a doctor as it will help to rule out appendicitis or pancreatitis.

Stomach Pain Causes

Binge: A meal rich in fat and hardly digestible food, with beer or wine and sweets, can promote indigestion, nausea, flatulence, and result in stomach disorders.

Intolerance: Tummy ache, in this case acute and crampy, can also be caused by inflammation due to intolerance to gluten, lactose or other foods.

Stress: The role of stress in stomach disorders is highly underestimated: the frenetic life, the anxieties and the tensions of everyday life can be the cause of chronic stomach pain and diarrhoea.

Stomach Pain Prevention

Diet:From a healthy and balanced diet to cooking techniques and food pairings, our food intake plays a huge role in restricting occurrences of stomach disorders.

Sport and relaxation: Physical activities release endorphins, useful for good moods. This is hugely responsible for our well-being and helps to dissolve psychological tensions that manifest as intestinal disorders

Tummy Ache in Child