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Enterogermina –A Gut Instinct

I am the designated medical officer among my family and friends. Not because I went through medical school, but because my mom’s a doctor.

So right from when I was a child, I have been my mom’s compounder and nurse-cum-helper. If you are a doctor’s child you’ll totally get it. I’ve grown up surrounded with medicines, I know which antibiotics work for what, I know how to take somebody’s blood pressure, clean up wounds and even bandage severe wounds pretty efficiently if I say so myself.

So while I didn’t quite make it to being a doctor, I know enough about medicines and medication. Once I had my own children, of course, I depended on my mom pretty heavily and she was always my go-to person, anytime my kids fell ill (and they tend to do that a fair bit, especially when they are younger). With my older one, we also moved cities and countries, so sometimes finding the right doctor or medicines would be a challenge. But thanks to a doctor mom, a stock of some basic medicines given by her and my ‘medical knowledge’ coupled with my own mommy instinct, we did okay.

Without exception, we doctor-kids have a medicine bag or stock of medicines with us at all times. We are never without our First-aid box. You will always find a small pouch of basic medicines in my purse (or a biggish pouch in the suitcase when we are travelling). Also once you embrace motherhood, you have no choice, you automatically become very aware of what to give and not to give your child. As a mother you start reading labels, look for healthy options and are constantly searching for home remedies and milder meds.

I suffer from a mild case of an Irritable bowel, and of course, while travelling, eating all sorts of different food and water doesn’t suit my system. The same is true with most children, different kinds of food do not suit them always. We have had horrible episodes of an upset tummy even at a fancy resort in a foreign country.

Most often in such situations, I follow the BRAT DIET ( Banana, Rice, Apple & Toast ) with my BRATS but when all else fails ... Enterogermina (from that biggish pouch of mine) comes to our rescue. I think it was one of the best things my mom has ever introduced me to. It’s mild on your system and the probiotic soothes the stomach lining. It’s super easy to give the children because it’s not one of those vile liquid medicines which children run away from. They love it because its almost like water and comes in cute little mini-bottles that you can easily twist and have. One of the best things I like about it is that it doesn’t contain added sugar, unlike some of the popular probiotic drinks. I have made it a total travel-essential for our entire family. Even my husband, who has to travel extensively for work, is a convert now! I have often recommended it to friends (remember I am the designated medical officer for them too ). My gut tells me most people who start using it will trust it to take care of the place where most problems start – their gut! Content

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