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#HappyTummies Make Happy Mommies

I have two active children who are constantly on the move. Getting them to stay put is no mean task. – Couple that with an inordinate love for junk food and we have the perfect recipe for upset tummies!

My younger child also happens to be a ‘toucher’. Every surface, every person, every single thing needs to be touched and experienced. Can you imagine the number of times I need to remind her to wash her hands? Despite that, we all know how quickly they can go from playing around to holding their tummies in discomfort. My first go-to solution when this happens is a trusted mini bottle of Enterogermina, that helps manage Diarrhoea.

Why Enterogermina?
Enterogermina is probiotic that helps keep your gut healthy – this helps your body combat the bad bacteria that is causing diarrhoea. What’s more – it’s tasteless, so the children have it without a fuss, and it has no artificial flavours and sweeteners added, making us mommies happy!

It’s especially useful during travel and holidays when you really can’t control the kind of food that the children lay their hands on.

The Happy Tummies Meet

Recently I got to attend the #HappyTummiesMeet for a select group of moms with FMC being one of them.

We had Mumbai’s leading paediatrician hold a special informative session, where we got to know what makes for happy, healthy tummies, and moms got to ask her about their little one’s tummy troubles. It was surprising to see that the children had as many questions for her as their mommies – and Dr Zinal answered each one of them patiently.

We even had a few moms share their experiences and tips when their children had diarrhoea.

The children weren’t left out – they played a super fun game, which allowed them to judge for themselves what foods were great for their tums and what weren’t. They also posed with ‘good and bad bacteria’ and enjoyed a special high tea organised just for them.

One of the nicest bits was when we viewed the new, super-catchy TVC of Enterogermina, and the kids jumped up and started dancing to the jingle!

This is one event that both mommies and babies came away happy from! It is important that we manage Diarrhoea in kids with the right diet and probiotic like Enterogermina, which helps to go a long way for the health of your children

Content Courtesy : Rajni Arunkumar,

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