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My Trusted Partner For All His Tummy Troubles

It was the first family wedding we were attending with our kids, we were super-duper excited! Since Amogh and Atharv are closely spaced at a gap of 2 years it was obvious that we had not taken a vacation for the past 3 years. So this was a vacation & family function combined.

Since the wedding was at a remote place in Assam, we were well prepared with almost everything required for the trip. Part of our journey would be by train and part of it by flight.

So the D day arrived where we rechecked everything we were carrying, extra clothes, extra food, water and basic medicines for kids and us.

After the initial flight journey, we boarded the train to our destination and reached the tea garden. The place was beautiful, serene and spacious.

Since it was already night and we were tired, we did not explore the place much and dozed off to sleep after meeting our relatives, only to be awakened by Atharv’s cry. As soon as we switched on the light and helped him sit, he puked. The bout of puking was followed by motions - watery and frequent. Soon he was crying badly due to the continuous loose motions. This woke up our elder son who also started puking due to the stinking room. All in all, it was a horrifying night for us.

Tea gardens are generally away from the town, needless to say, we were at a place with no immediate medical access. We were carrying basic medicine for fever and vomiting but were unprepared for this situation. Since Atharv was partly breastfed, we thought he had a strong immunity. He never had issues apart from minor reflux.

We started panicking. His cries were painful to hear.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was my cousin Neena who came after hearing Atharv’s cries.

She was also there for the wedding with her husband and 8-year-old daughter. She went to her room and brought her medicine kit.

She was our angel in disguise that day. She gave Atharv an Enterogermina mini-bottle to drink and he was fine by the morning. In the morning we went to see the doctor in the town area.

Today it has been almost 4 years since that dreaded day but the memory is still fresh. I really hope no one goes through it.

We still remember meeting the doctor and having a lengthy discussion about the experience we had. He just smiled back and reassured us that it was normal for kids to go through such issues, no matter how careful we are, especially during extended train journeys. He even saw the empty mini-bottle of Enterogermina we had given Atharv the last night. He further prescribed the same mini-bottle along with other medications. Sensing our anxiety he further suggested us to make it a part of our primary medicine kit as it helps in the common tummy problems toddlers face.

I am sharing a few common digestive and tummy problems faced by infants & toddlers and how we can overcome them:

1. Diarrhoea:It is normal for few breastfed babies to poop several times a day. It is also normal for babies to go without pooping for several days at a stretch. However, if you notice anything unusual pattern in your babies poop, it is essential to be vigilant. If the baby is passing watery stool several times a day, with or without abdominal cramp, it could be diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is one thing which again warrants immediate medical attention as it could lead to severe dehydration, which is fatal for babies. Like I mentioned the incident I faced when my son was almost 2 years, It was a case of diarrhoea probably caused during travelling. My cousin immediately gave her a mini-bottle of Enterogermina, which basically promotes good bacteria in the gut. It is also found in fermented foods like yogurt. Also, maintain hygiene during travel and stop a child from taking dirty hands/finger in mouth. Using sanitizer/ wet wipes would also ensure cleanliness around the baby.

2. Colic: Colic is probably one of the top tummy troubles faced by babies. It is more prevalent in babies under 6 months of age. The common reason is abdominal cramps caused by gas.

3. Vomiting: Spitting or spontaneous outflow of milk with burp is fairly common in babies. However, if vomiting is projectile or forceful throwing up, it needs medical attention. Seek immediate medical attention if the vomit is green or red.

4. Reflux: Unlike vomiting, which is projectile, some babies always spit milk while burping or in between feeds. It is mainly because the muscle between the stomach and esophagus is not strong.

5. Constipation: It is normal for breastfed babies to go a few days without pooping. However, if the baby is restless or continuously constipated, the child may feel uneasy and even have abdominal pain. Once the child starts eating, this problem can be eased by adding fiber to their food and increasing their water intake.

My paediatrician always says that moms worry excessively. Even though these infections help in developing better immunity in kids but being a mother, I ensure their comfort everywhere and in every possible situation.

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Enterogermina - Diarrhoea Medicine