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Female Speaker : Any place in Europe, located in Italy, driving north from the City of Milan, passing through pristine mountains and the renowned Lake Como, we find the town of Origgio. It is here that Enterogermina is brought to life and conditioned [0:20] so it can deliver its wide-ranging health benefits for good digestive health; where the Bacillus clausii spores , in its specific four-strain combination, are activated from their 'sleeping' condition into their vegetative form enabling them to multiply.

The development and production of Enterogermina [0:40] is done in a highly controlled and precise manner under Good Manufacturing Practices conditions. It is grown in a tight fermenter providing the highest-grade nutrients and purified water to ensure that no contamination may occur. [1:00] Once there are no nutrients left in the suspension for Enterogermina to further multiply, it goes into its dormant phase--the spore format.

This Enterogermina suspension is washed, concentrated and collected to achieve a solution made only of spore suspension in purified water. [1:20] To fully bring out its goodness, Enterogermina is packaged in liquid vials in a clean environment to avoid any dust or particle contamination. Not only is the team dedicated to providing a product you can trust and rely on, but academic and industrial collaborations [1:40] provide innovations to reduce the Enterogermina carbon footprint without compromising the final quality.

Ing. Cristina Trecciola : Our manufacturing process respects Good Manufacturing Process standards and allows us to achieve this important pharmaceutical quality grade.

Firstly, [2:00] all the steps from growing medium makeup, inoculation, fermentation, collection and packaging go through a strict quality control process. In addition, there are 20,000 points of control at least along the manufacturing. Then, we use [2:20] biological assays to control the contamination and quality.

Lastly, each singular batch goes through an extensive and stringent quality control.

Dr. Flavio Inverni : We are the manufacturing plant, "heart" of the production of Enterogermina, but we like to think of ourselves as a center [2:40] for innovation. For example, we have collaborations with several scientific faculties and universities, such as the University of Milan which helps us find ways on how to best reduce our carbon footprint and water consumption.

All the people here are driven by a [3:00] passion for excellence towards Enterogermina, which we consider like our "baby". This passion is fueled as well by our curiosity to seek new ways to optimize the production. I would say that it is this passion and the sense of family belonging that makes Origgio such a [3:20] unique place.

Ing. Cristina Trecciola : For me Enterogermina, in three words, is customer care, top quality and efficacy.

Dr. Flavio Inverni : If I have to describe Enterogermina in three words, it would be top standards, efficiency, and teamwork.