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Female Speaker : Since its birth in Italy 60 years ago, Enterogermina probiotic has been investigated in numerous clinical trials and introduced in many countries to rebalance the gut flora in millions of patients worldwide. Through its spore format, it reaches the gut, [0:20] bypassing the gastric hurdle. Through its specific four-strain combination, Enterogermina use provides broad antibiotic resistance coverage enabling it to exert its benefits if taken together with antibiotic treatment with no risk of resistance transfer to other bacteria.

[0:40] Enterogermina, made of naturally sourced ingredients, spores and pure water, is presented in a convenient, small pre-filled monodose, ready-to-drink vial. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless minimizing rejection risk children may have [1:00]and so making it well accepted by them. It is also lactose, sugar and preservative free making it also well appreciated by moms worldwide.

Its unique production process under Good Manufacturing Practices conditions guarantees the safety and quality of Enterogermina [1:20] devoid of any pathogen contamination. Behind each vial, there is the passion of an enthusiastic team committed to provide Enterogermina's goodness to patients making it the world's number 1 probiotic for diarrhea today. [1:40]