Diarrhoea Blog

If 70% of a body’s immunity lies in the gut, there’s no doubt that mothers would do all they can to ensure that their children have a healthy gut. There are several factors that can contribute to an unbalance in the gut which can result in diarrhoea. Here, we have some blogs that will talk about the various aspects of diarrhoea management and maintaining good gut health. After all, even supermoms can do with a little help sometimes!

Identifying symptoms of diarrhoea

Sometimes it’s loose motions and sometimes it’s diarrhoea. It’s important to know how to identify diarrhoea so that you can take the right steps to get it under control.


The right diarrhoea medicine for kids

Like multiple causes of diarrhoea , there are also many remedies of diarrhoea management especially what we know as gharelu nuskhe. However, a Pediatrician’s No. 1 Choice is safe to go by.


Flora batterica intestinale

Probiotics for gut health

Gut care isn’t important just when a child has tummy troubles. Just how you give your children certain foods for eyesight, blood, heart, strength, bones, etc, you must give them food for gut health too.


Tummy ache- excuse or real

Sometimes a tummy ache is an excuse to avoid studying but sometimes, it can be the sign of something a little more serious. So how can you tell which one it is?

Probiotici e fermenti lattici

Digestive disorders decoded

Some tummy troubles can be digestive issues which don’t necessarily lead to diarrhoea. It’s important to note the reactions in your children’s bodies after eating certain foods.